Girl at War- Sara Novic

“Their musings about how and why people stayed in a country under such terrible conditions were what I hated most. I knew it was ignorance, not insight that prompted these questions. they asked because they hadn’t smelled the air raid smoke or the scent of singed flesh on their own balconies; they couldn’t fathom that such a dangerous place could still harbor all the feelings of home.”


I worked with a woman who was from Croatia. She used to talk to be about how beautiful her country is. She escaped due to the instability of her country. I wonder how similar and how different her experience is to this book. This book made me feel a lot of things. And some things I’m still feeling a long time after the book is done. Strangely enough one of the biggest things I am feeling is a burning desire to see Croatia. I wonder if this book makes most people feel the opposite. But for me- I want to be there.

Ana lives in Zagreb with her parents and little sister Rahela. She notices things are starting to change but she doesn’t understand. Rahela is sick and must be sent to the States for treatment. On the ride home their car is stopped and the worst happens. Ana now lives in the States with her foster parents. She realizes that she has unfinished business at home and returns.

This book is sad. I don’t know how accurate it is but it really makes you think about the life you grew up with. Things you never had to worry about. The world is so much bigger than your small existence. I don’t think I can say anymore than that.

GoodReads: 5 star

Recommend: Yes.


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